Antoinette Tomlinson is a New York-based Production sound mixer, sound editor, and Associate producer. A first-generation Canadian, she earned a bachelor’s degree in recording arts from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, which deepened both her interest in audio production and her and mission to touch people through her work.

Antoinette is the founder of Invictus Sound Factory, which provides location audio and post production services. She also serves as a mentor, volunteer and creative business consultant, helping others bring their dreams from concept to reality.

When Antoinette isn’t on set or in the studio She enjoys writing poetry, water sports and snowboarding, among other outdoor activities. She believes that her evolving purpose is to help elevate others by constantly projecting positivity. She hopes to ignite change in others and create a positive ripple effect in the people that she encounters.


  • Location Sound

  • Sound Editor | Re-recording Mixer

  • Associate Producer

  • Entrepreneurship